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The Gurdjieff Society of San Diego

The Gurdjieff Society of San Diego is a California non-profit organization founded over 35 years ago. The Society includes members who have been associated with Gurdjieff groups in various cities across the country and abroad. The common purpose that has drawn us together is the study of Gurdjieff’s teachings on work for the growth of real Being, the inner development possible for man that Gurdjieff identified as the aim of many ancient traditions.

The focus of our group is putting these teachings into practice in our daily lives. This accords with Gurdjieff’s insistence that one verify for oneself, through one’s own experience, the ideas he transmitted concerning our present state and the nature of our possibilities. Thus, our group’s work includes both the study of the efforts required to awaken to one’s existence as well as the study of the forces, both inside and outside of oneself, that function to keep one asleep. The study of these two opposing forces in our lives involves a form of struggle that must be learned and requires help.

Groups play a unique and vital role in the Gurdjieff work. The support of a group helps its members in their work towards an inner aim in the midst of life in the modern world, which seldom directly supports the wish to be awake. At times, a group also connects its members with another level of work, thus providing more than can be achieved on one’s own. At these times, work in a group becomes a way of opening to higher influences that can transform the quality of one’s Being.


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